Magical & Mystical Events

Magical & Mystical Events is a party equipment rental company. We currently specialize in tables, chairs, linens, and other items that help make a party memorable. Our newest addition includes a photo booth!

We carry a variety of equipment for all sorts of parties/ themes. From Weddings, to birthdays, to corporate events, you name it.

If you have a get together coming up and need some equipment or some ideas, please let us know what you would be interested in and how we can help.

Interactive Mirror Photo Booth All Prices are without tax. Only the 2 most requested time frames are shown. For longer time frames please contact us. Day of Holidays are at Peak Time Pricing.

2 Hour Photo Booth Packages

3 hour Photo Booth Packages

We've Been Asked a Time or Two.

Yes, a non- refundable 25% deposit is required for your event if your event if more than 2 weeks away. If your event is less than 2 weeks away. Full payment is due up front. If your event is outside of the Phoenix Metro area, full payment will be due at reservation if within 30 days of your event.
We do our best to monitor upcoming weather conditions throughout the week. However, during Monsoon season, Arizona weather can be slightly unpredictable. If there is a decent chance for rain we will make sure that we communicate that with you. We do have a couple of canopies that can be used however, do to the fluctuation in number of events we cannot guarantee that one will be available during your event. 

Renting equipment from Magical & Mystical Events is easy.  Please contact us, and an associate will be happy to help you set up a reservation. This can be done either with an email or a phone call.
Oh no! We are deeply sorry that things are not going as planned. Please contact us so that we can assist you.
Sadly, Magical & Mystical Events does NOT currently offer price matching.
Yes! You can make changes on your order without being penalized up to 1 week prior to your event.  If the change occurs within the 1 week before your event a rush fee will be applied.
Finding the right size is important. It all depends on how far you want it to fall. Please see the diagram for an example.We hope that helps you with your decision. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us to find out.
We are sorry that you need to cancel with us. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to let us know.

You can cancel your event up to 14 days prior and receive a full refund, less the 25% deposit and any vendors already paid. If you cancel between days 8 and 13 prior to your event you will receive a 50% refund, less the 25% deposit and any vendors already paid. If you cancel between days one and 7 a refund will not be issued but an in house credit worth 25% of what had already been paid for the cancelled event, will be issued for another event in the future (up to a year away).

For example, if you cancel your event 6 days before and you paid $1000.00 for equipment rental. $250 will be an in house credit for you toward your next event up to a year later from date of issuance.

Another example, if you cancel your event 12 days before and you paid $1000.00 for equipment rental. For your event we had to order a certain product that cost $350 total from the vendor. The non-refundable deposit would have equaled $250. Product purchased but deposit equals $600. You will be getting 50% of $400 back as a refund as we had already purchased the item for your event and the deposit being non-refundable.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for refunds to be processed.
Short answer is, yes. This depends on what your needs are. If you need us to just drop it off, that can be arranged.

If you are looking for the delivery team to set items up where you want it that can be arranged as well. When you are calling/emailing to set up your reservation we will go over all options with you and you will see in your quote that is emailed to you that the price is included in that quote.
Equipment can be delivered into a back yard as long as the path to the area to be set up is free of debris and allows easy access. You will be contacted prior to your event to go over delivery details.
Typically, equipment is delivered and picked up the day of the event. We understand how cumbersome this can be. Our Delivery team Coordinator will be in contact with you to set delivery dates/ times. If your event is large and multiple staff members are required we will coordinate with you to allow for the smoothest transition.
We deliver to a variety of different cities. Our main focus is the Phoenix Metro area however we have gone to Flagstaff, Show Low, and others. If you have a question on whether or not we can get items to your event, please contact us. Please note: If your event requires an overnight stay in the city of your event, a reasonable charge will be applied to ensure that our staff can be safe while traveling.

When you call to make your reservation, there will be an option to put someone else's name down as accepting your delivery. When the delivery team calls to verify details, they will also ask/verify with you the person listed. The person listed must be willing to sign for the delivery. If they are not willing to sign on your behalf, then unfortunately the delivery will not be made and set up will not begin until you are present. If there is a delay in delivery you will be charged for the extra time.
This is a great question! It depends on location and the amount of stairs needing to be ascended. When you call to make a reservation this will be gone over with you to ensure that it is something that is able to be done.
Outside of the East Valley there will be a $0.60/mile charge for delivery.

Our staff will deliver and set-up where you want it if that is what you chose during the set- up of your reservation.

If Magical & Mystical Events is delivering outside of the Phoenix-Metro area a delivery charge will be assessed based on the location of the event. If delivery is outside of the Phoenix-Metro area and requires an overnight stay, a reasonable fee will be charged to ensure that our staff is safe during their travels.
Dance floors may be set up outside as long as there isn't a possibility for rocks to be introduced into the dance floor. Rocks damage the floor and can make for unsightly scrapes. If a dance floor is set up outside and damage to the floor has been found a damage fee will be charged.
Thanks for asking! No, the items to not need to be washed prior to pickup. However, all linens need to be free from wax, food debris, and garbage. Linens can be placed into the laundry bags that were left behind when the equipment was delivered. Please do not put wet linens into the laundry bags as that can cause mildew. Instead, Please let them airdry and inform the pickup team when they arrive.

 All cups, plates, utensils need to be free of large food debris and placed into the cases that they were packaged in. We understand that things happen, if there are any damages, please let the take down team know.
Those sacks are for used linens to go into. Linens that may have become wet during your event should be left out to prevent mildew. Linens should be free from wax, burns and large debris.
Set- up and take down time can vary depending on the amount of Items needed to be set up as well as the complexity of the items needing to put up. Prior to the set up team showing up they will contact you and go over the details of the event day.
We understand that accidents happen. Please inform us ASAP of any damages. When the "take-down" team comes to collect items please inform them as well.
This depends on the type of rental item it is. Our set-up team takes careful consideration when packing/unpacking items.  If your pick up is the next day, the delivery team will go over packing instructions with you.
Yes, a lot of events happen on the weekends, which means we need to be available as well.
The more notice the better! Getting your reservation in early means that the items you would like are reserved in advanced and you don't run the risk of finding out we don't have something last minute.

If you are ready to make a reservation, Please contact us to get started.
Debit/Credit card is the most used payment method. However; cash is accepted as well. If you are a business looking to host an event and have to go through channels, we understand that so please contact us to discuss payment.
Yes, Magical & Mystical events offers discounts. We run promotions regularly, be on the look out for those flyers. At the bottom of the website there is a place to enter your email address to ensure that you don't miss a beat with an update.
This is a broad question. Please contact us to see if we are able to help you with your event. In most cases we are able to assist.
Our sanitation protocols have been increased due to the Covid- 19 Pandemic.  When equipment is delivered, the delivery team will wipe down tables others will be using with disinfectant. When equipment gets back to the warehouse it is cleaned thoroughly as well. 

With the mask mandate being lifted, If the event is outside masks are not required to be worn. However, if you would like employees to be wearing masks during an outdoor delivery, please let the delivery team know when they call to confirm details with you and the delivery crew will be masked up.

If the event is indoors, all employees will be masked regardless of comfortability.

We also take precautions to make sure that employees are not coming to work sick either.

We know that the CDC has eased up on the mask mandate in most areas however, from a company standpoint all employees will be held to the above standard.
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