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Audio Guest Book

Are you getting ready to have an event and want to do something unique and fun. How about our Audio Guestbook?

With our Audio Guestbook, guests can leave voice messages during your event that you can replay after the event is done and over.

Whether you're having a graduation party and want the guests to be able to leave well wishes, congrats, or life advice, you can set the phone up in the corner and even if the guest doesn't get a lot of face to face time with the guest of honor at least they can play back that advice.

What about a prom? Letting everyone leave a message for the class and then during the high school reunion, playing it back and listening to what your younger selves wanted to tell you.

Do you have an employee that is going to be retiring? Set the phone up and let people leave them a message.

These are even hits at weddings. Leave your well wishes for the bride and groom to listen to when they come back from their honeymoon. They don't have to be serious, they can be funny too.

Baby Showers work great as well. Whether its giving the parents advice or congratulations or leaving a message for baby.  What a gift that would be!

As you can see there are endless possibilities for the Audio Guestbook.

Contact us for more information.

It's As Easy As


Have us set the Audio Guestbook up, where your guests can comfortably have a phone conversation


Your guest picks up the receiver and listens to the welcome message


Guests can leave a serious, funny, or completely random message for you


Once they are done, they hang the phone up and that's it! The phone saves the message.


For the day of the event                                                $400.00

Includes: Zip file delivery of all audio files, set up and takedown


- Thumb drive delivery of all audio files

- Multiday Contracts available (Please Contact Us for more information)

-Choice of phone

A 50% discount is available on the Audio Guestbook when paired with the Photo Booth.

Do you have family or friends that are unable to make your event? NO WORRIES! We can issue a phone number that allows out of town guests or guests that simply can't make your event to participate in leaving you messages.

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