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Flowers, Fondant, Sprinkles, OH MY!

Well, this is it. The first of many blogs posts to come. I find myself sitting here thinking, am I really doing this? Did I really just start my own business? The answer is YES, YES, YES!

I am officially 7 months into the start of my new business. All the blood (yes actual blood has been shed), sweat, and tears and the occasional extra gray hair. OK, who am I kidding A LOT of extra gray hairs. There have been many that have doubted my abilities, many who said that I didn't know what I was doing, and many who said I didn't have what it took to run my own business. Well I am here to say, I DO NOT CARE what you or anyone else thinks. I am doing what I love, and I am having fun doing it. I am meeting all sorts of people along the way as well.

For those of you who are wondering why this industry, why now?

I can tell you, that a very wise lady once told me, "do what your heart loves and it will never feel like work." Now some super old famous person said it too, yeah yeah I get it. However, I don't hear their voice ringing in the back of my head when I start to get overwhelmed, its hers. "Her" is a very special person that will always be in my heart. She taught me to fight for what I wanted and to never give up. She taught me that being different isn't a bad thing because you bring more to the table. "Her" and I used to sit down together early on the weekends or late in the evenings when it was quiet and the world seemed still. We would talk about our dreams and where we saw ourselves. She always told me that she wanted to start her own business, a party planning business. I would catch her doodling her ideas down and we would talk about how to make things happen and how to coordinate things. We would talk for hours!

I grew up in non-traditional jobs. Movie Theatre Assistant Manager, Security Officer, Fire-fighter, EMT, Office Manager, Paramedic, Grocery Store Assistant Manager, I have done and seen a lot. I never thought that the Party Industry would call my name.

Last year (2021), my entire world changed. Covid-19 impacted so many people in the world. I am no different. All in one swoop I had to say goodbye to my sister, dad, and my rock, my mom. The pain that this generated was so intense, I don't wish it on anyone. Through all of this pain, I came to the conclusion that, yes, this is painful. It is very painful. There are three ways to go about this. Sit here and stare at the wall and hope it was all a dream (not going to lie, that happened a couple of times), I can be angry with the world for the rest of my life over something that is out of everyone's control, or I can use this pain and turn it into something good. While I did get angry (and still get angry from time to time because WHOOOO those triggers come out of nowhere) I knew there was nothing that I was going to be able to do to change the outcome. So, I decided that I was going to make my mom's dream come true and start a business in her honor while implementing those very things that we always talked about. I wish she was here to see it and wish she was able to be a part of it. I know she is with me in spirit and that's what I am holding onto.

Now that we got the sad stuff out of the way, the good news is that we are here and we are ready to go. For a good chunk of my adult life I was there for people on the worst day of their lives, now I want to be apart of the happy moments in their life!

Magical & Mystical Events has been born!!

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